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Tuckleys – yesterday and today

In 1875, a MS Jeanne Calment was born in Arles France. She went on to live for 122 years and 164 days, the longest confirmed lifespan for any human being in history. This, co-incidentally, is the year the Tuckley family founded their fresh fish business in Northampton – a business that is still going strong today.

The story of Tuckley’s started when David Tuckley’s great grandfather rented premises in Northampton’s Castle Station wholesale fresh fish market, close by to the family home and office in Chalk Lane. The business flourished in to the 1900s’ and through two world wars, selling fresh fish and game to the ever-expanding town of Northampton and the surrounding county. At one point, just after the Second World War, the business was running around 30 fish shops in Northampton alone – fourteen in a small triangle between Kettering Road, Abington Square and Abington Park.

In 1972, F Tuckley and son moved into a brand new warehouse on the new industrial estate sited in St James Mill Road. David Tuckley continued to work in the family business, but realised that fresh fish as a trade was declining. He could see that more and more products were being sold in frozen form and after failing to persuade other family members that this was the way forward, he built his own dedicated frozen food depot. Tuckleys Frozen foods Ltd opened in 1977, at first still supplying fish and chip shops with frozen and dry goods, but soon expanding along other avenues.

21st century

Tuckleys Frozen Foods Ltd continued to grow and prosper over the next 23 years and in 2000 became Tuckleys Fast Foods Ltd, moving to Ransome Road. By 2006, the business had outgrown their Ransome Road premises and moved to their current depot in Moulton Park. In 2008, David retired and sold the business to Steve Waller, who has himself been a part of the Tuckleys story and had managed the fast food business for the previous six years.

Our well-equipped, modern depot means that we can store dried goods, oils, batters, vinegars and a whole range of other items and accessories. Our frozen ranges are kept in our large, walk-in freezer that maintains a temperature of minus 28 degrees Celsius, ensuring that products reach you in tip-top condition.

The company, with its remarkable history, continues to thrive under Steve’s management, providing quality products and services to the fast food industry, and sustaining a reputation founded 134 years ago.

Tuckleys Foods
Unit 5, Cirrus Park
Lower Farm Road
Moulton Park Industrial Estate
Northampton NN3 6XF
Telephone: 01604 499919